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Ken Berry and Zane Griggs are two of the most influential thought leaders in the world of diet and nutrition. When it comes to eating a diet to live a badass life into your 50s (and beyond), Ken and Zane are the guys to talk to. As you'll hear in our conversation with Ken and Zane, food is the bedrock of the quality of our lives. It either dilutes our energy over time or sustains it. While most of modern health focuses on prescriptive measures to maintain people's quality of life, Ken and Zane want to put the power back into your own hands. Check out Ken and Zane's new book Kicking Ass After 50.

It was an absolute pleasure to have both of these gentlemen join us in Nashville for our ALT Health Summit, which consisted of speakers like Eric Hinman, Alex Feinberg, Nick Nanakos of ZIKI Kitchens, Ann and Weldon Warren of Holy Cow Beef, Charles Mayfield of Farrow Skincare, Wyatt Ewing of Ice Barrel, Dr. Nazlie from Biovanta, Andy Schoonover of CrowdHealth, and many others! If you'd be interested in attending this event in the future, subscribe to our newsletter for updates on future happenings!

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1:20- Kicking ass after 50 inspiration
6:30- Right levers to pull to obtain fitness
11:53- What food allows you to thrive?
16:00- Why cheat loves one out time with you?
23:00- Why is health not considered a priceless asset?
26:00- “I’m too busy.”
33:30- Hope for proper nutrition going mainstream

Creators & Guests

Brett Ender 🥩⚡️
The food system is corrupt and trying to poison us... I will teach you how to fight back. Co-Host of @themeatmafiapod 🥩
Harry Gray 🥩⚡️
Leading the Red Meat Renaissance 🥩 ⚡️| Co-Host of @themeatmafiapod

What is The Meat Mafia Podcast?

The Meat Mafia Podcast is hosted by @MeatMafiaBrett and @MeatMafiaHarry with the mission of addressing fundamental problems in our food and healthcare system. Our concerns with our healthcare system can be drawn back to issues in our food system as far back as soil health. Our principles are simple: eat real foods, buy locally, and cook your own meals.

When you listen to our podcast, you will hear stories and conversations from people working on the fringes of the food and healthcare system to address the major crises overshadowing modern society: how do we become healthy again?