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My guest today is the co-founder of Glovo, Sacha Michaud. Glovo, a “q-commerce company”, was founded in 2015 in Barcelona and since then has grown rapidly delivering over 100M+ annual orders and operating in 23 countries. The q-commerce segment has seen massive amounts of funding (over $2 billion to date) and is one of the hottest areas of investment for VCs. In this episode, I talk to Sacha about what it’s like to build a company in this hyper-competitive market and how they plan to win in this market. I think this is a great listen for entrepreneurs building companies in a fast-moving environment.

Show Notes

  • [2:10] - What was the initial concept with which you started Glovo?
  • [7:44] - How has the tapering down of the pandemic affected your business?
  • [10:17] - How do you deliver groceries in 10 minutes?  
  • [17:36] - How profitable is your q-commerce business?
  • [20:50] - How do you build loyalty in this business?
  • [23:23] - What is justifying the huge amounts of capital being invested in this space?  What will determine who wins in this market?
  • [25:49] - How do you as a management team and company keep your focus in this hyper-competitive market which has a lot of movement?
  • [33:21] - What are some mistakes you made in building Glovo and what did you learn from it?


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