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Hector Roos is a candidate representing the Libertarian Party in Florida’s gubernatorial race. 

For all intents and purposes, your choice of political party in America is binary: Republican or Democratic, or so you’re told. Doubtless, this preserves us from the pitfalls of a parliamentary system, but isn’t it frustrating to know that, in this freest of lands, your options are so narrowly constrained? 

Libertarianism offers a much-desired alternative. Hector Roos is here to offer exactly that. 

From this episode, you’ll learn…

Whether or not government is necessary; the difference between libertarianism and anarchism; between having ordered liberty and being an untamed libertine; what distinguishes the Libertarian Party from the Republican and the Democratic Parties; if our Founding Fathers were truly libertarians at heart; the morality of shipping illegal aliens out of your state; Patrick Henry’s forgotten message, “Give me Liberty or…”; the constitutionality of abortion; the Maoist mind; and much more! 

0:00 Introduction
01:19 Is government Necessary? 
04:07 Difference between Liberty and Anarchy
09:55 How is the Libertarian Party different from the Republican and Democratic Parties? 
14:42 Were our Founding Fathers Libertarians? 
19:18 DeSantis’ shipment of illegal aliens to Martha’s Vineyard
33:08 Florida’s authoritarian approach to the pandemic
44:18 How to win (fellow Florida resident!) Donald Trump’s vote
46:00 Is DeSantis the new Beto? 
49:52 Give me Liberty, or give me…nevermind. You can take my liberty. 
55:55 Abortion: How should it be legislated? 
1:15:30 Is Abortion Constitutional? 
1:20:28 Should the state be involved in Education? 
1:29:00 The Maoist Mind
1:30:13 Rapid Fire Questions! 

1:16:22:  “Dred Scot v. Sanford” should be “Plessy v. Ferguson”
**To err is human, to forgive, divine** – Alexander Pope 
(Do forgive me, all you gods and goddesses out there!) 

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