Office 365 Distilled

Meetings are working; this is a pretext for Agile methodology and is very true today. Meetings take work, and they also take you away from work.

Meeting culture needs to change, and we are back to change and adoption. In this podcast, we identify the reasons why you should NOT be in a meeting. As the organiser, you are responsible for creating a meeting with a real invitation to make everyone welcome and show why they will add value.

Creators & Guests

Marijn Somers
Microsoft MVP. Freelance Microsoft 365 expert focusing on user adoption and governance. Trainer. Licensed watchmaker.
Steve Dalby
Podcaster "Office365Distilled" Driving Collaboration Business Goals, Speaking about Governance, Whiskey taster and imbiber all round father and good guy.

What is Office 365 Distilled?

This podcast is presented by Marijn and Steve; two experienced Microsoft 365 and SharePoint consultants. In each podcast you will get a smile or two with a chunk of interesting and practical help in Microsoft 365. Then you get introduced you to what we hope is a Whisky you have not tasted before.