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Gathering customer feedback and creating a product roadmap is one of the most important parts of product management. So why does it always seem like a struggle? In this episode, Kyle and Kareem Mayan of Savio discuss the importance of validating product features against actual data from customers. And the importance of having all of that information in a single place so we can make good decisions.

Kareem Mayan
  • Since 2001, Kareem has founded and run Product teams at four software companies (3 exits), and PMed at companies like, MySpace
  • He’s built over a dozen products doing everything from customer interviews, wireframing, UX work, prioritizing, roadmapping, leading teams, working with devs, managing stakeholders, and more.
  • Currently co-founder of Savio, a TinySeed-backed Product Management Platform for B2B SaaS companies where he’s talked with hundreds of PMs about their process

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