The Hospice Chaplaincy Show with Saul Ebema

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Hospitals are working intensely to slow the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, with doctors and nurses struggling to keep health care systems running amid a lack of equipment, space, tests and consistent policies. Through it all, hospital chaplains are doing what they do best – consoling and comforting patients and staff alike – even as they risk becoming infected themselves.

Show Notes

In today's episode we are joined by three members of the spiritual care department of Elmhurst Hospital in Elmhurst, IL to talk about Hospital ministry during COVID-19. Our guest for this episode are;
  1. Don Dahlheimer- Spiritual Care Manager
  2. Curtis Baxter- CPE Supervisor
  3. Marie Conlin- CPE student

What is The Hospice Chaplaincy Show with Saul Ebema?

A show about the psycho-spiritual aspects of hospice care. On the Hospice Chaplaincy Show, you will hear stories of experts in the field of end of life care and grief counseling.This fun and educational podcast explores their life stories and theories of practice.