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In Lead from the Outside: How to Build Your Future and Make Real Change, Stacey Abrams shares her story and the tools she has used to build a movement for change as a black woman.

Kate Arms and Christine Gautreaux lead a discussion about having influence when you start with a disadvantage.

Special guest Christine Gautreaux brings her stories of having worked on campaigns led by Ms. Abrams to this discussion of the special challenges of leading change when you start with the deck stacked against you.

Listen in if you want to increase the impact of underrepresented populations in organizations or communities.

About Special Guest Christine Gautreaux
Christine Gautreaux, MSW, is dedicated to the pursuit of play, joy, art & social justice. Christine’s superpowers include connecting people, helping folks manifest their dreams, standing up against injustice, and using art to make a difference in the world. She currently uses Interplay to address issues of oppression and racial justice with people living with severe and persistent mental illness or homelessness, women who are refugees, and women who are incarcerated. Christine believes in the power of body wisdom and somatic play to help heal trauma. She also works with professional caregivers, activists, and artists to maintain balance and self-care during these intense times we find ourselves living in. Christine holds Bachelor's and Master's Degrees in Social Work and is a professional speaker, coach, author, and entrepreneur. She is the co-author of Stillpoint: A Caregivers Playbook and the co-host of the Women Connected in Wisdom Podcast.   

Find out more about Christine at her website:  https://www.christinegautreaux.com

Join Christine at an event here:  https://www.linktr.ee/christinegautreauxmsw

Join the Women Connected in Wisdom Community here:  https://www.womenconnectedinwisdom.com

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