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Injecting truth into your words, getting vulnerable and addressing issues affecting the human condition isn’t always easy. Yet, the process of sharing experiences and spotlighting controversial topics is the path to creating a better world.

Show Notes

Creativity Prompt: Take a photo of something in the distance
“When you’re telling a story, you’re not just telling your story.” - Jess Hill

Fresh off the 2019 Wollongong Writers Festival, and inspired by the brave authors pushing societal boundaries, Kim and Cath dive deep into shedding light on the darker issues within society through storytelling. 

In this episode:

  • Wollongong Writers Festival 2019 theme: All Lit Up. 
  • Why it is important to get vulnerable and share our personal experiences.
  • Why our words hold responsibility and service to others.
  • How immersing yourself in the energy of a positive event has a ripple effect. 
  • How other people’s experiences can impact your decision-making later in life.
  • “It’s the fear of Right Wing Conservatives, not that people are Right Wing Conservatives themselves.” - Crime and Punishment Panel at the 2019 Wollongong Writers Festival.

Wollongong Writers Festival 2019:
Jess Hill - 
Tony Birch -
Tony Birch: Shadowboxing:
White Ribbon Australia: Prevent Violence Against Women:
National Domestic Abuse Hotline U.S.A: 

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What is Creative Writing Energy ?

Conversations about the writer’s life, craft and alternative practices with Kim Petersen and Catherine Evans.