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Today we talk to Maria Tan where we talk about the differences between just making money and building a business. What many people fail to understand is the time it takes to build business and money shouldn't be the forefront of your vision. Building relationships and networking your business is very important. Build relationships and the money will come.

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Show Notes

Maria Tan(Maria Kathlyn Tan) is a thought leader, international author, motivational speaker, and business coach who mentors “misfits” and “misunderstood geniuses”. Focusing on female entrepreneurs who may not “fit in”, Maria empowers women across the globe to create success tailored to their lifestyles.

Before coaching online, she was a cross-cultural communications consultant who worked with executives from all over the world and coached over 1000 professionals. Within two years of coaching,  she’s been featured in HuffPost, Elephant Journal, Pick the Brain, and Addicted2Success and was the only Asian woman featured in The Money Code and How to Crack It, a book that debuted at #14 on Amazon.

Maria’s 1000+ clients range from American Ivy-league graduates to diplomats.

We look at ways to approach business from a different perspective.

Figure out who you are, what you are going to do, and how you are going to get there. 

Look at the opportunity because its something you want to do and not just because it's an opportunity. 

Do you look for a solution first or do you search for a problem to solve?

You don't have to be the inventor.

Your network is essential to your business.
Building your team for scaling and growing.

Vision is just a small portion of where you want to go with your business. 

Maria is gifting listeners of this podcast her step-by-step guide on Integrating the CEO Mindset to help your life and business flourish. Download here:

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