No Crying In Baseball

This Thanksgiving weekend Patti and the Pottymouth cross-trained with hockey, Led Zeppelin, assembling IKEA furniture, beer farms, and unsuccessful mousing. MLB players, however, leaned into the giving with Andrew Vaughn working with Digs for DIgnity to assist a family emerging from homelessness, Hunter Greene outfitting hundreds of kids with brand new cleats, and Pablo López supporting pet rescue through pickleball. Playoff teams voted on how to divide their percentage of the postseason gate, sharing “life-changing money” with support staff who helped them get there. Hall of Fame balloting was announced and former NCiB boyfriends are starting to make the list. Winter ball in the DR is featuring familiar faces including Tatis, Jr., Ramirez, Profar, and Aquaman. Baseball United has kicked off in Dubai with appearances by Big Sexy, cricket players, Justine Siegal, and a 6-run HR. We don’t think “moneyball” means what you think it means. Pottymouth wants you to play LVBP fantasy with her. An NBA family reminds us that players are more than pawns in the game. Next week we kick off a new group of baseball boyfriends with the A’s and Rockies. Join our Patreon so you can watch us record “backstage!”

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What is No Crying In Baseball?

When Patti and her potty-mouthed friend talk baseball, you'll know this is not a baseball podcast for lightweights. This is the real deal, from real fans. Because diamonds are a strong woman's best friend, and there's no crying in baseball.