The Negotiation

In this engaging episode of The Negotiation podcast, host Todd Embley sits down with Joe Mazur, Senior Analyst at Trivium China, a research firm specializing in China’s politics and economy. 
Based in Beijing and with his finger on the pulse of US-China relations, Joe provides valuable insights into the current state of the bilateral relationship, as well as the economic landscape in China.
Joe begins by discussing the latest tariffs imposed by the US on China, placing them within the context of recent trade actions and the broader trade relationship between the two superpowers. He explores the potential implications of future US presidential administrations, pondering the effects of a second Trump vs. a second Biden term on US-China policy and US-China relations.
The conversation then shifts to practical advice for foreign companies operating in or considering entering the Chinese market. Joe outlines strategies to mitigate geopolitical risks over the next couple of years. Additionally, he reflects on the outcomes of Secretary of State Anthony Blinken’s recent visit to China.
Joe also delves into the state of China’s economic recovery post-pandemic and points out some of the positive indicators that might signal a turnaround. 
This is a must-listen episode from one of the sharpest analysts on US-China relations.
Discussion Points:
  • Recent US tariffs on China and their context within broader US-China trade policy.
  • Potential impacts of different US presidential administration scenarios on China policy.
  • Strategies for foreign companies to insulate themselves from geopolitical risks.
  • Outcomes and positives from Secretary of State Blinken's recent visit to China.
  • Challenges and positive indicators in China’s economic recovery post-pandemic.
  • Introduction to Trivium China and where to follow Joe Mazur’s research.

What is The Negotiation?

Despite being the world’s most potent economic area, Asia can be one of the most challenging regions to navigate and manage well for foreign brands. However, plenty of positive stories exist and more are emerging every day as brands start to see success in engaging and deploying appropriate market growth strategies – with the help of specialists.

The Negotiation is an interview show that showcases those hard-to-find success stories and chats with the incredible leaders behind them, teasing out the nuances and digging into the details that can make market growth in APAC a winning proposition.