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It was called "Britain's biggest contribution to gastronomy" by the Wall Street Journal.

Today, in part 4 of our mini-series on British food, we're looking at the sandwich, the story behind it, why it is so important for people in Britain, and how it reached such an iconic status.

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Show Notes

Britain's biggest contribution to gastronomy, the sandwich, was invented 250 years ago. How it was invented may surprise you though. Today it's time for part 4 of our mini-series on British food, where we go for a journey into sandwich history.

In today's episode we cover:

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  • Earl of Sandwich (and his gambling problem)
  • Did the Earl of Sandwich really invent the sandwich?
  • Growth of sandwich eating in the UK
  • Invention #1 - sliced bread
  • Invention #2 - pre-packed sandwiches
  • Science of sandwich making
  • Sandwiches in the USA (and why they didn't adopt sandwiches immediately)
  • My favourite sandwich
  • Conclusion of British food mini-series

List of notable sandwiches: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_sandwiches

Key vocabulary: Sojourn, Lock in, Gastronomy, Popularised, Earl, Serial, Habitual, Binge, Wrapped, Biography, Commitment, Culinary, Genius, Fillings, Predate, Out of thin air, Mezze, Platters, Sandwiched, Likelihood, Took off, First men, Boosted, The best thing since sliced bread, Fiddly, Iconic, Leftover, Wrapped them up, Hit, On the go, Nowadays, Soggy, Travel hack, Travel hack, Affordable, For want of, Adopt, Founding fathers, Stuffy, Archaic, Afresh, Held off, Aristocratic, Morals, Upheld, Iconic, Notable, Peruse, Bucket list, Boxing day, Pardon, Pun, Reputation, Aristocracy, For that matter.

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