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Basecamp design lead Jonas Downey answers questions about working remotely.

Show Notes

We're starting a new series of bonus episodes called Going Remote. We'll have different Basecampers answer questions about how they do their work remotely. In this first episode, design lead Jonas Downey talks about how he and his team collaborate with each other, give feedback, and communicate with their developer colleagues. These episodes are adapted from an ongoing series of livestreamed Q&As, which you can find in their entirety on Basecamp's YouTube channel.

Show Notes

Video of Jonas' Q&A | YouTube playlist of all Q&As - 00:33

Jonas Downey on Twitter - 00:39

Question #1: I’m planning on doing design thinking sessions for groups. How should I channel the team aspect in a virtual call with 20 to 30 people? - 4:25

Question #2: What tools do you use to replace whiteboarding and Post-It sessions? - 6:33

Reflector app - 7:31

Question #3: It seems like most communication you do runs through Basecamp. How do you communicate the intricacies of designs to engineers, and what’s your workflow? - 8:51

Basecamp co-founders Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson's live walkthrough of the company's Basecamp account - 8:54

Question #4: Do you use version control tools like Abstract? - 12:46

Question #5: In the meeting-averse culture of Basecamp, how does design work get reviewed and approved? - 16:23

Question #6: Do you use any design tools, or do you design in the browser? - 17:44

Question #7: Is it required at Basecamp for a designer to know how to code? - 18:48

Question #8: How many designers do you have at Basecamp? - 20:21

Question #9: I'm interested in the dynamic between designers and product managers. Do you do project management yourself using tools like Jira or Trello? - 21:07

Question #10: How do you balance between designer and manager roles? - 23:00

Basecamp on Twitter - 25:35

What is Rework?

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