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I fixed the audio quality of this interview with Geoff, who is now NOT currently living at the Transitional Safe Outdoor Space.

Show Notes

Since this episode features a DRAMATIC reading of Susan Hay Patrick's op-ed in today's Missoulian, I thought I would include a bunch of links (though certainly not all) of my reporting on the former Temporary NOW Transitional Safe Outdoor Space and the 10 Year Plan to End Homelessness.

Here they are:  Bitter Cold, Homeless Camps And An Ugly Ass Dog Sculpture (3/4/2019); Gentrification, Homelessness And What Corporate Media In Missoula Is Not Telling You (10/20/2019); The PR Charade Of Claiming Homeless Numbers In Missoula Are Going Down Is Finally Over (12/14/2020); The Homeless Camp Damage Control Zoom Meeting (12/17/2020); Why Critics Of The Temporary Safe Outdoor Space Should Focus On Money, Process And Policy Instead Of People (12/18/2020); I Don't Like When People Manipulate The Good Will Of A Community To Benefit Themselves And Their Families And Neither Should You (12/29/2020); Will A Cowardly Rebuttal From Public Officials And Nonprofit Influencers (Sans Blue Line Development) Be Enough To Shut Up The Critics? (5/23/2021); Temporary Safe Outdoor Space No Longer Temporary? (4/5/20210); 

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