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With the two oldest presidential presumptive nominees in US history, the stakes for the vice presidential selection have never been higher. In 2016 Mike Pence helped deliver the evangelical vote for Trump, but he seems to be going a different direction in 2024. All eyes are on who he will ultimately choose.

Will Trump look for a VP to help win swing states? Do any of his former presidential competitors stand a chance? How will Trump’s VP pick change the election?

USSC Director of Research and the Politics, Society and Culture Program Jared Mondschein sat down with research associates Samuel Garrett and Ava Kalinauskas to discuss their recently launched tracker: Trump’s VP shortlist: What Australians should know.

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What is USSC Briefing Room?

The USSC Briefing Room is a podcast from the United States Studies Centre at the University of Sydney. It gives you a seat at the table for a briefing on the latest US news and foreign policy. Co-hosts Mari Koeck, Jared Mondschein and Victoria Cooper talk to experts to cover what you need to know and what's beneath the surface of the news.