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Today on the podcast I am joined by Sondre Rasch, the founder, and CEO of Safety Wing one of the largest providers of health insurance for digital nomads and remote workers. During this interview, Sondre and I got to discuss a wide range of topics, from his views on the future of remote work, to why Safety Wing has invested thousands of dollars in research on the topic of internet countries.

More specifically you will learn 3 very important things from this interview:

1) What is a social safety net and why Safety Wing is trying to create a digital version
2) Why Safety Wing started the Plumia project and what have their biggest takeaways been 1 year in
3) what is the difference between remote visas and digital citizenships and what are their use cases

Show Notes

💬  Topics Discussed:
  • Why Sondre has decided to stay in San Francisco even though he has the ability to go anywhere
  • What needs to happen in the remote space to cancel out the benefit of your physical destination
  • Where Sondre would go if he decided to leave San Francisco if he wanted to get the same benefits
  • Why Safety Wing has decided to take on the challenge of creating a global social safety net and a country on the internet
  • What is a social safety net and how will a global and digital version of it function
  • How will retirement work in a global social safety net
  • How can freelancers and solopreneurs tap into a new social safety net & retirement
  • A year into Plumia, what are the biggest lessons the team has learned
  • Remote visas vs digital citizenship
  • How to make sure we don't mess up digital citizenships
  • Blockchain use in citizenship and safety nets
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