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Shanty and Mary review this year’s FKT round up with Buzz Burrell, co-founder of FastestKnownTime.com and co-host of the FKT Podcast. Buzz takes us through the rise of the FKT, what makes a solid FKT route, the allure of the solitary push to set a speed record, and why the FKT has become so popular in this year of pandemic lock downs, civil unrest, and wildfires.

Widely known as the "Father of the FKT" and a champion of many FKT records of his own, Buzz delivers this year’s round up of robust FKT activity and his four tips for pushing on as the years pile up. Plus, you’ll never guess what indoor activity Buzz has mastered, proving that Buzz is so much more than a mountain athlete!

Show Notes

Learn more about Buzz Burrell and FKT records at fastestknowntime.com. Listen every Friday to the Fastest Known Time podcast, featuring the rising stars in speed records around the globe. You can also follow the FKT community on Instagram.

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Episode Highlights
4:15: Buzz defines “fastest known time“ and how that term became popular over time. 
6:40: Buzz talks about some of his own FKTs on the John Muir Trail and the Colorado Trail. 
13:00: Fastest known time action is off the hook this year, filling a hole for cancelled races due to COVID. 
15:00: FKT doesn’t have a leader board; only the winners of the FKT gets a mention on the website.
16:15: FKTs of the season, including Jeff “Legend” Garmire’s unsupported FKT of the Colorado Trail. 
31:00: The Wind River High Route created by Buzz and Andrew Skurka has been a popular FKT objective in the last couple of years for both men and women. 
34:00: FKTs have gender categories and recently added a non-binary category. But there are no age categories for FKT and a 20-year-old competes against a 60-year-old. 
37:10: You have to submit a GPX file to verify a fastest known time.
39:30: Top athletes pursue an FKT to push themselves beyond organized races and to put their backcountry skills to the test.
45:15: FKTs are not just about mountains; fastest known time routes exist in the deserts, across states, and on paved roads. 
50:10: Nobody has tried to lay down a speed record on the Continental Divide Trial, and Buzz explains why. 
55:05: All the FKTs that got away from Buzz over the years. 
1:01:00: Buzz’s favorite route crosses the three districts of Canyonlands National Park: Maze, Needles, Island in the Sky. 
1:03:00 You can do Grand Canyon Rim to Rim to Rim (R2R2R) like most people on the Kaibab Trail, or you can take the more obscure Bass Trail and swim across the river (like Buzz did when he was 65 years old). 
1:06:10: Don’t try using your Therm-a-Rest Neo Air as a packraft — it doesn’t work. 
1:09:25: Buzz has the engine at age 69, but the parts have worn out. 
1:11:05: Buzz is mad about aging and is going down kicking and screaming. 
1:11:15: Learn Buzz’s 4-step program for dealing with the effects of aging. 
1:15:00: Buzz is a multi-sport athlete; he competes in ballroom dancing and likes swing dancing — it’s athletic. “The body is born to move!”
1:25:00: The FKT is a community. What’s on tap for Buzz, the FKT podcast, and the FKT website.

What is Out and Back?

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