ESSB podcast | Meeting the Future Society

In this episode, Ties Brink talks with his guests about the Master programme in Politics & Society at Erasmus University Rotterdam. They dive into what it's like to study there, what qualities you need as a student and where you can end up with a Politics & Society diploma in your pocket.

Show Notes

The relationship between politics and society has changed dramatically. Western societies are characterised by a new political culture. Voters and parties increasingly focus on hotly contested issues such as national identities, ethnic diversity or immigration. This focus reflects broader societal transformations like globalisation and individualisation. In the Master Politics & Society we aim to understand the causes and consequences of this political culture. In this podcast Kjell (Coordinator), Annamijn (student) & Dennis (admissions officer) will tell you about the programme.

What is ESSB podcast | Meeting the Future Society?

Bij de Erasmus School of Social and Behavioural Sciences (ESSB) wordt veel onderzoek gedaan naar maatschappelijke en gedragswetenschappelijke vraagstukken. Door middel van deze podcast serie maken we deze kennis toegankelijk voor geïnteresseerde burgers, bestuurders, professionals, studenten en collega onderzoekers. Meeting the Future Society.
De diversiteit van de faculteit reflecteert zich in de varieteit aan onderwerpen die op deze podcast serie te vinden is.
[incl DPECS Podcast serie met verhalen over wetenschappelijke ontwikkelingen bij psychologie en pedagogische wetenschappen)

At the Erasmus School of Social and Behavioural Sciences (ESSB) a lot of research is done on social and behavioral science issues. Through this podcast series, we make this knowledge accessible to interested citizens, administrators, professionals, students, and fellow researchers.