Tales From The Kentucky Room

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Mariam interviews Dr. Randolph Hollingsworth, Barbara Grygutis and Rob Bolson about their involvement in Lexington’s “Breaking the Bronze Ceiling” monument initiative.

Show Notes

Mariam interviews Dr. Randolph Hollingsworth of the Kentucky Woman Suffrage Project, artist Barbara Grygutis, and Council District 9 legislative aide Rob Bolson about their inspiration and work with the “Breaking the Bronze Ceiling” initiative to bring the first monument honoring the contributions of women to society to Lexington, KY. You can find out more about the Kentucky Woman Suffrage Project at their website here; see more of Barbara Grygutis’s artwork on her website here; and learn more about the “Breaking the Bronze Ceiling” monument project on their website here

What is Tales From The Kentucky Room?

Stories of Lexington, Kentucky’s history and people.