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Catch this lively and informal conversation with Lauren de Vries, a businesswoman with an extensive corporate career and passion for doing things differently. With tips about how to find creativity in unusual places and real honesty about overcoming personal challenge, you will fall in love with this brand story.

Show Notes

Lauren is a champion of others who likes to challenge and offer a unique way of doing things. She offers networking and membership subscription but with her own twist.

Her brand is clear, passionate and bold and does not subscribe to the "norm."

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LDV was created in January 2019 by LDV herself (Lauren de Vries), on a mission to challenge business 'shoulds' and making self-awareness more of the norm.  
With the never-ending highlights reel on social media, more and more people wanting to follow entrepreneurship, and a tonne of information available via the web, it becomes an overwhelming and pressured experience for most.
LDV believes that self-awareness must come first, in order to create the lifestyle your desire, then followed by the things to make that happen, i.e. starting your own business. (Because running your own business isn't for everyone)
LDV is a place for businesses to explore, create, learn, build and grow. 
A place of discovery, personal development, self-awareness and experience. 
A place of non-judgement, acceptance, reality and the possible.

What is Personal Stories by Expertly Personal?

We explore behind the brand and find out how people define themselves, get noticed and build meaningful connection in business and life. In each episode, our guests share the values that direct their life and inspire their successful ventures as well as their personal challenges and goals.