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The gaming space is growing prolifically and NFT gaming is a top topic to watch within blockchain tech. For today's episode, join Eathan Janney, Jeff Kelley and Josh Kriger as they chat with Yat Siu, one of the sharpest minds in NFTs and gaming. He's Chairman of the Board at Animoca Brands, a global developer in gamification, AI, blockchain, and mobile tech, and is the company behind games such as The Sandbox and Crazy Kings, to name a few. He talks about the company's early beginnings and how they became one of the pioneers in NFT integration into gaming. Yat also shares about new developments and projects to look forward to, as well as an exciting REVV Racing giveaway at the end of the episode. Stay tuned for the hot topics segment to see what's cooking in the world of NFTs right now.

What is Edge of NFT Podcast?

Edge of NFT Podcast brings you not only the top 1% of what's going on with NFTs today but what will stand the test of time. We explore the nuts and bolts and the business side, but also the human element of how NFTs are changing the way we interact with the things that we love. This podcast is for the futurists and dreamers, the disruptors and creators, the fans and connectors, the makers and the doers that are pumped about this ecosystem and driving where it goes next.