CreativeOps Podcast

Episode Highlights

Jeremy's Definition of Creative Ops (2:00)
  • Mix of people, process and technology to bring brand stories to life
  • "Breathing oxygen" into historically fractured creative processes
The evolving relationship between scale and storytelling (12:00)
  • Overcoming the tension between creativity and operational efficiency
  • Using AI to break free from templatized approaches to scaling creative
  • Creating capacity for more blank slate "storytelling" briefs
Fostering empathy across marketing and creative teams (22:30)
  • The importance of human communication and ceremonies around briefs
  • Infusing creative ops with data and insights to align on objectives
  • Jeremy's vision for cross-functional "pod" team models
How AI can augment creative roles and workflows (41:00)
  • Outsourcing rote "thunking" tasks to AI to focus on higher value work
  • Using AI as a "data scientist in a box" thinking partner
  • Training AI to understand brand governance as creative scales
Blending roles, blurring organizational boundaries (53:00)
  • Bringing creatives closer to the "point of distribution" and performance data
  • Will functions like marketing ops and creative ops converge?
  • Getting comfortable with iterating as the future is still highly uncertain
Paying attention now to stay ahead of the curve (1:08:00)
  • Why every team should operate like an "AI R&D lab"
  • Overcoming the paralysis of perfection and the "blank screen" intimidation
  • Practical first AI experiments for creative ops leaders and their teams
Who should creative ops hear from next? (1:12:30)
  • Jeremy wants to hear from marketing and creative leaders on what makes a great creative ops partner
  • Understanding our strengths/weaknesses from those partnering perspectives

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