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Colleen's on a journey of self-compassion. On this episode, she shares some tips and how you can be kinder to yourself.

Show Notes


Kristin Neff is a Psychologist and was the first person to measure and define the term “self-compassion.” 

She says self-compassion is the kindness we show ourselves.  And this means being kind to ourselves in good times and bad time and even when we make mistakes.

There are some things you can do to practice self-compassion. I actually do these things and really helps sometimes. 

Treat yourself as you would a treat best friend

Practice mindfulness.
This means to recognize your feelings and not judgemental about those feelings. That means no negative self talk -- tell that inner critic to hush.. 

Remember that you’re not alone.
Being human is hard… it’s important to recognize that whatever we’re feeling or going through is also being experienced by millions of others-- we are not alone. 

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What is The Good News Podcast?

The Good News Podcast is your daily reminder that not all news is bad, produced by Colleen and Neil. 👁