Randolph EMC RE-Connect

Nicole talks with REMC employees Paul Caviness and Brooke McNeill on how to beat the heat of the summer months the smart way - without maxing out your power bill.

Show Notes

Nicole interviews Paul Caviness, Manager of Energy Services, and Brooke McNeill, Energy Efficiency Specialist. Paul and Brooke describe how they provide home energy audits free of charge for members who have concerns about their energy usage. They recount instances where their audits have saved members money on their electric bill. They also provide tips for members on smart ways to keep your house cool during the hot summer months without maxing out their power consumption. Finally, Paul and Brooke describe a new campaign from REMC called Connect To Save, which helps members stay in control of their power bills.

What is Randolph EMC RE-Connect?

A podcast from Randolph Electric Membership Corporation that keeps member-owners in touch with their cooperative.