Hackers Incorporated

In this episode, Adam and Ben talk through the Tailwind Labs business model. Is Tailwind UI the best way for the company to make money? Or is there a different model where incentives are better aligned with growing the Tailwind CSS community as a whole? One potential model is offering a marketplace for templates and UI kits.

  • (00:00) - Black Friday
  • (04:58) - Continuously improving stuff
  • (12:50) - Tuple Rooms
  • (16:15) - Revisiting the Tailwind Labs business model
  • (27:28) - Brainstorming a Tailwind CSS marketplace
  • (39:54) - Should Tailwind Labs build a SaaS?


Creators & Guests

Adam Wathan
Creator of Tailwind CSS.
Ben Orenstein
Co-founder and CEO of Tuple.

What is Hackers Incorporated?

Ben Orenstein and Adam Wathan on surviving the transition from dev to founder.