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Today we talk to online course expert Glenn Allen to help entrepreneurs expand their business and start their own profitable online courses. Glenn Allen is “The Go-To CMO of Digital Course Launches.” As a multi-instrumental musician-turned marketing and business consultant, Glenn coaches online entrepreneurs to scale from five to six-figure businesses by helping them turn their expertise into digital courses and membership sites. He is the host of the Glenn Allen Show, a YouTube video series about digital marketing, and a podcast on entrepreneurialism called “Unstuck & Unstoppable.” He also works as an unpaid volunteer chef, housekeeper, and chauffeur for three small children who refer to him lovingly as “Dad.”

Show Notes


Using Lead Magnets to build your audience

Building your audience
Developing your course
Monetizing your course

5-figure, simple repeatable launches
Avoid the overwhelm and confusion of launching

Taking your course and introducing yourself to influencers to help launch your course.

Social media to find influencers but making also a profit for influencers as an incentive. 

Be sincere when approaching someone who can help you promote your course. 
Using an affiliate link to help pay for any influencers willing to help promote your course.

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