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Kim Leonard was told by her doctor that she would be bedridden for the rest of her life. With three small children to look after, Kim couldn’t accept this prediction of her future. She changed the course of her life by paying more attention to her diet.

Listening to your body is so simple, but it’s something we often forget to do. When we listen to our bodies and nourish them the way they want, we can live happier, healthier lives.

Show Notes

🤯 When the doctor said to Kim she will be in bed for the rest of her life: “I don’t accept that!” 01:56
🛌 We don’t know the answer: chemo brain, pain, fatigue, and living as a bedridden mom. 03:50
🤒 Health issues Kim’s children had: the healing power of foods. 05:00 
🚰 Changes in her diet: becoming a gut health specialist and realizing the importance of hydration. 07:20
😲 Taking 35-45 medications and experiencing many side effects. 09:30
🍫 Kim’s biggest thing is eating too much chocolate: sugar imbalance, digestive issues, and gut health. 10:39
⚠️ The biochemistry of the body: not feeling well is a sign, don’t ignore it. 14:00
😇 Grief Kim had to live with: spreading hope with her healing journey. 16:32
☯️ Healing is an emotional and spiritual journey too: every health issue brings some dose of grief. 18:00

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What is The Jill Cruz Podcast?

If you are a woman in leadership and/or aspiring for greater leadership and you are looking to have it all; success in your career, personal life, and health, you're going to love this podcast season.

I am incredibly passionate about this topic because I believe that as women leaders we can have it all! We don't have to settle for being successful in just one area of life such as our careers. We can orchestrate a life that is fulfilling, pleasurable, and healthy in all areas. We are all a "work-in-progress" but it's important to BELIEVE we can have it all or we surely won't get that.

We will be speaking about what it takes to be a successful leader AND have a thriving personal life. Topics include passion, purpose, grit, compassion, self-awareness, thought leadership, self-care, wellness, visionary thinking, and strategic leadership.
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