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Part 1 of our 4-part mini-series on British food.

First up it's the oyster. It's not something you might normally associate with British food, but this little creature was hugely important for British cuisine, and has a fascinating history.

Today we'll learn about how it went from the choice of emperors to food of the poor, hear about how one man (supposedly) ate 1,200 in a single sitting, discover the time when the average Londoner used to eat 1 oyster a day, and find out why they used to be given away for free outside pubs (unfortunately you won't find this happening anymore in London).

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Show Notes

Today is the first of our 4-part mini-series on British food, and we're going to talk about something you might not expect to appear in a series on British food: the oyster.

In today's episode we cover:

  • Introduction to the mini-series on British food
  • Oysters in Roman times (and how Romans were crazy about oysters)
  • Oysters as a poor man's food
  • How people used to eat oysters (with beer, salt and pepper, and in pies)
  • A time when Londoners used to eat 1 oyster per day
  • The meal (and scandal) that destroyed the oyster industry
  • The future of oysters in Britain

Key vocabulary: Hot off the heels, Culinary, Oysters, Pearl, Fell completely out of favour, Distrusted, Slurping, Sitting, Prospect, Think much (of), Delicacy, Drift, Plucked, Cultivation, Ale, Flat, Drumming up business, Era, Heyday, Slimy, Substitute, Stretch, Banquet, Transpired, Batch, Contaminated, Dignitary, Typhoid, Esteemed, Sewers, Piped, Moguls, Sewage, Bitter, Litigation, Press charges, Amounted to, Nutrients, Award, Testified, Compensation, Clubbed together, Inscribed, Dodgy, Stocks, Depleted, Bolstered, On the off chance, Next in store, Cunning, Albeit, Cult, Allies


Full transcript and key vocabulary available on the website www.leonardoenglish.com/podcasts/british-food-part-1-oysters

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