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The global revolution of expanding the internet of information and communication to include the internet of value is underway in earnest. Governments and Corporations are jockeying for position to be frontrunners. Facebook's Libra Association has thrown down the gauntlet on digital currencies, triggering China to announce that it will release its central bank digital currency in November of 2019.

Whereas precious metals once backed the paper money revolution, the Bitcoin revolution is increasingly backed by the data-gold mined by corporations from our digital selves.

Join Matt Foley and returning guest, Ziv Keinan, as they discuss the emerging taxonomy of digital assets, corporate and government competition for the new world order of money and the effects on our digital privacy.

Show Notes

Ziv Keinan
Facebook's Project Libra (I mistakenly stated several times that Libra’s digital currency is “backed by a basket of securities”.  Ziv correctly reminded me that the current plan is for Libra’s token to be backed by a “basket of currencies”, not securities.)    
etoro Trading Platform
Ownera - The Blockchain of Ownership
Grassroots Economics
The International Monetary Fund's Fintech Notes Series
The Rise of Digital Money
Give Direct
Ethereal Tel Aviv 2019
Tomer Barel, VP of Risk and Operations for Calibra 
Seigniorage - How governments create revenue from printing and coining money
Binance Paper on China’s Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC)

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What is IPR: My Digital Self?

The mixed blessing of the digital age has reached a turning point in what some have called the Fourth Industrial Revolution. My Digital Self, with host Matthew Foley, explores digital technology as it affects the interrelation of human rights, property rights, privacy, and money.

Will emerging blockchain technologies enable us to take back our privacy, own our identity and use non-sovereign digital currency, known as cryptocurrency, to engage in commerce? Listen to discussions with guests who explain these cutting-edge technologies, tell us how they are currently being used and pull back the curtain to our possible futures.

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