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This eposide is focused on the protests that are happening all across the country. We have an interview with Osbaldo Quezada (Director del Seminario Juvenil Pro-Vida y Pro-Familia ONLINE) Y Erick Manzano (Fundador y Director General de Certificación Humanae Vitae) (56:13)

Padre Pio Letter:
"My God! I am bewildered and have lost you. Will I ever find you again, or have I lost you forever? Have you condemned me to live eternally far away from your face?… My father, I am doing what I can in this darkened prison, but it is arduous to advance through the dark forest of these thick shadows, through the tempest and the harassment of the enemy, who takes advantage of all this to try to make me transgress and to conquer me. I look for God, but where can I find him? Every idea of him as Lord, God, Master, Creator, Lover, Life fades away…. In vain I revisit disconnected memories and a love that I lost, and I am no longer able to love. Oh my Good, where are you to be found? I have lost you, and I am bewildered in trying to track you down."

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