Get Funded, Stay Funded

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On this episode, we sit down with Tim McCormick, CEO of SaaSOptics. Tim has 30+ years in the software business - leading sales and marketing teams. He has been apart of 2 successful exits - 1 with Internet Security Systems (ISS) in 2006 sold to IBM for $1.3B (lead global marketing) and the other was JouleX in 2013, sold to Cisco for $107M (lead sales & marketing). He joined SaaSOptics as 8th employee in 2016 as CEO, led our Seed, Series A, and Series B rounds.

What we cover: The three things to look for in raising a healthy round of funding? Why going for the biggest valuation doesn't always make the most sense for your business? Why different businesses have different size rounds of funding? Best practices to follow when raising your next round. And a bonus question about the hoildays.

What is Get Funded, Stay Funded?

This show is for entrepreneurs who want to learn the in's and out's of raising capital in today's marketplace. Learn from exclusive conversations with some of the top executives, leaders, and minds who have been successful and their real stories in front of investors. Hear from our team who has experience working with over 100+ VC's and 600+ B2B SaaS business on their road to raising over 9 billion in capital including the right metrics that matter. Welcome to Get Funded, Stay Funded with Derrick Thomas.

We hope that this podcast helps you on your own journey , whether now or in the future, to becoming the next Unicorn.