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On this episode Erik & I talked with Avery Russell, Founder of Parenting 2.0, a program designed to support parents in transitioning to fully engaged and thriving relationships with their adult children.

Show Notes

Many of us, children and parents, view 18 as a magical time when we are suddenly no longer in the same relationship we have been in since our children were born. However, that transition takes time, attention, and thought. Avery Russell coaches parents on how to bridge that transition and will talk about some of the things she teaches her clients and what motivated her to take this mantle up.

Service, mentoring, and leading are the core values Avery lives by. She is the founder and CEO of Stellamaris Coaching, and creator of Parenting 2.0 - "The Grief, The Relief, and What’s Next", a support group and workshops for parents of adult children. She also coaches one on one for parents who need a little more help connecting with their twenty something kids and developing a strong relationship. Avery has spent the last 25 years raising her four children, serving on boards in education, the arts, and in her community. She recharges her batteries playing badminton, reading, crafting, and laughing with friends and family.

Avery's Coaching Site |

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