Who Walks In - the story of the new harlem jazz band

Ian Smith's interest in music starts at a young age and grows as he gets older. He soon starts gathering others with the intention of forming a jazz band.

Show Notes

It's the early sixties and we meet a young Ian Smith who recalls his interest in music, especially jazz. He took lessons on the drums and started playing in a rock band.  He is captivated by the music he hears on the ABC jazz program presented by Eric Child. But he was attracted to playing the trumpet and eventually acquires one and teaches himself to play it. Before long he was making contact with other budding musicians and thinking about starting a jazz band. 

Eventually he put a band together which rehearsed weekly. With a growing repertoire the band started doing some gigs. But some of the members didn't stick around, eventually only four were left. 

In 1979 Ian decided to place an advertisement for a drummer, a pianist and a trombonist in The Age newspaper, in an attempt to get the band going again.

What is Who Walks In - the story of the new harlem jazz band?

In the late sixties a young jazz enthusiast decided to start a band. This is the story of how the band he started went on to entertain audiences and release records for the next twenty years.