Dear Asian Americans

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Meet Trisha Sakhuja-Walia on Episode 004 of Dear Asian Americans! Trisha is the CEO & Co-Founder of Brown Girl Magazine, a media company dedicated to sharing the stories of South Asian women globally. Learn about her upbringing in Queens, her career pivot from pursuing law school into journalism, and eventually making Brown Girl Magazine her full-time job.

Show Notes

Dear Asian Americans,

I hope that you see yourself for who you are, because we belong here.




Meet Trisha Sakuja-Walia on Episode 004 of Dear Asian Americans!

We celebrate her achievements and her dedication to building community for South Asians throughout her life.

We support her and Brown Girl Magazine and its 200+ freelance writers who are dedicated to sharing stories, creating community, and building a home for South Asian women.

Trisha inspires us to take pride in sharing our unique stories and proudly make it our job and business.

Learn more about Brown Girl Magazine at

Connect with Trisha on LinkedIn at

What is Dear Asian Americans?

Dear Asian Americans,
Let's Celebrate. Let's Support. Let's Inspire each other.
Your Fellow Asian Americans