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Plush "Yuru-kyara" mascots are super hot in Japan right now, mostly because the temperatures are well up into heat stroke range. What does the lethal heat wave look like on the ground and how is Japan dealing/not dealing with it?

Also, Bobby has stopped drinking alcohol! Message us via Japanbyrivercruise.com to place your bets on how long you think it'll last!

Ollie recommends a themed river cruise that once again showcases how skilled Japan is when it comes to capturing the essence of a foreign country, and Bobby cracks the river cruise history books, for a look at how the 90s trend of eco-friendly river cruises reduced the carbon emissions of at least a handful of unfortunate passengers.

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What is Japan By River Cruise?

Stand-up comedians Bobby Judo and Ollie Horn purport to report on the Japanese river cruise industry each week.