It is very easy to hear the story of multiple world record holding, vegan since 6 years old, one kneecap only, endurance athlete Fiona Oakes and think she's crazy or superhuman. Watch Keegan Kuhn's 'Running for Good' or listen carefully to this podcast and you'll discover a shy, honest woman who simply wants to end suffering for humans and animals alike. Fiona has a very straightforward, old-fashioned, action-orientated approach that we can all learn from.

Show Notes

Fiona is the antidote to any 'get rich quick' or 'instagram' society. Her philosophy on life is simple; if there's a problem that needs fixing, fix it yourself. Don't talk about the problem, paper over the cracks, ask for help or look for shortcuts. Just get stuck in and learn from your experience. Expect problems and deal with them as they arise, the more you experience problems, the better equipped you'll be to deal with them in the future. 

In this conversation Fiona sheds light on:
  • the 'doing' motivation versus the 'achieving' motivation 
  • how she moved 'pain and suffering' from the 'Avoid' section to the 'Seek' section
  • pain in training being like depositing money in the bank and withdrawing it on race day
  • how purpose trumps talent every day of the week 
  • how this 'talent-less' runner broke 4 endurance world records
  • her adventures in 3 Marathon de Sable (often seen as the world's toughest foot race)           
  • what it's like to experience the freedom of pain, discomfort and despair
  • what it's like to live a 'no negotiation' life
  • her model of "I'll do things at 100% or I'll do something different"
  • ditching the Garmins and simply listening to your body
  • her belief that congratulating herself will stunt motivation
  • when it's appropriate to hide injuries from the doctor
  • the importance of grandparents
  • a life-time of veganism
  • how putting others first, puts her first
  • her super-talent of 'determination'
  • why she prefers to tell people what she's done rather than what they should do
  • hitting 100% as she crosses the line
  • learning how to fix herself

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Do you wonder whether there’s another way?
Another, more creative, more meaningful approach to living your life. Well there is and there’s a growing movement of people from all kinds of walks of life who are proving that the way we end up doing what we do in life is often a side effect of external forces. Rather than a deliberate, conscious and authentic set of choices that have come from you and your unique needs. What are you chasing? Success? Safety? Fame? Fortune? Recognition?
Have you stopped to think recently why you’re doing what your doing with your life? Are the stories that you're creating today the ones that you hope your grandchildren will be telling to their children? Are you creating your legacy?