Data Myths

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An entire episode dedicated to podcasts—what they are, what they can do for your business, and why you need to get a plan in place before you publish your first episode. In episode 13, hosts Brian and Malinda share the podcast tricks they’ve learned along the way.

Show Notes

Summary: Thinking about starting a podcast but don’t know where to begin? Don’t worry—Data Myths has you covered. In this unapologetically honest episode, Brian and Malinda share their personal podcast highs and lows. From why they started Data Myths, to their top five podcast tech tips, Brian and Malinda get real about life behind the podcast. For those considering the podcast-host life, episode 13 will serve as a great reference point for getting started.

What We Covered:
1:00 - Does it make sense for your business to have a podcast?
3:00 - What’s the barrier to entry and how do you start?
5:00 - Statistics about Podcasts
9:00 - Communicating your brand and your voice 
11:00 - The breakdown of the podcast process
15:00 - What to talk about on your podcast
19:00 - Five things that make a good podcast
26:00 - How does a podcast function? What’s an RSS Feed?
28:00 - Challenges along the way
37:00 - Fundamentals of Podcast Marketing
39:00 - Is the podcast marketplace getting crowded?
43:00 - Differentiating yourself in a crowded marketplace

Apple Podcast Link - Podcast Marketing Best Practices

What is Data Myths?

Uniting dataphiles and dataphobes one podcast at a time. Listen as the Gagnons interview industry leaders and startup founders, review new tech trends and products, and examine how data and technology drive our professional and personal worlds.