Not Your Mother's Goose

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The votes are tallied! Find out if Maleficent or Scar has prevailed (by just 6 votes!!!) to win our Tournament of Villains and the Title of the Baddest of All-Time. We'll claim the tower with Tangled, take off our shoes with This Little Piggy, and learn about Santa's new energy efficient plan to give Rudolph a Compact Fluorescent Nose. Plus, Rapunzel's Jukebox is back with a Andrew Mitchell Masterpiece tackling the Beatles.

Show Notes

Get the full recap of the thrilling final round of the Tournament of Villains. Maleficent and Scar exchanged the lead 10 times and the final margin was just 6 votes (out of nearly 500). We'll also take a look at Tangled and This Little Piggy and have news coverage of the NHL's expansion to Arendelle and Rudolph's new compact fluorescent nose. The Big Bad Wolf has a new home improvement store named "Blowe's," and Andrew Mitchell is back with a new Rapunzel's Jukebox parody, reworking the citizens of Penny Lane into Mother Goose characters.

What is Not Your Mother's Goose?

Welcome to Topher Goggin's totally irreverent, mega-sarcastic fairy tale recaps for grown-ups, with laugh out loud "news" stories thrown in for good measure. This is definitely not your mother's goose.