The Undefeated Underdogs

👉🏼 About the Guest:

Julie Gurner (seen in WSJ, Forbes, Vox, and more) is a doctor of psychology and executive performance coach with nearly a decade of experience working with some of the nation's top tech and finance executives and teams.

👉🏼 About the Host:

Sharath is a founder, creator, and community builder. He is also a serial maker who built and shipped 15+ projects using no-code tools. His SaaS product Shoutout generates $30k ARR which was sold to a UK-based product studio. Prev, Sharath worked for world-changing startups like Product Hunt and On Deck, where he helped build and nurture communities. He also grew his audience on Twitter from 200 to 20,000 using give-first principles and creating high-value content. Currently, he is the Head of Community at Threado and runs a newsletter called Sharath's CliffNotes alongside hosting this podcast.

👉🏼 Description:

Tune in as Sharath and Dr. Gurner discuss the habits, frameworks, and thought patterns that help founders and startup employees reach their peak performance points!

  • 0:00 | Episode highlight
  • 1:42 | Intro to Dr. Julie Gurner
  • 2:52 | What does peak performance mean?
  • 4:05 | What does being an executive performance coach mean?
  • 5:43 | Dr. Gurner's recommended frameworks to create urgency in anything you do
  • 8:20 | Dr. Gurner's entry into the executive coaching world
  • 11:05 | How Dr. Gurner picked her niche in tech and finance
  • 14:50 | The struggles of VC founders and why they face difficulties
  • 17:48 | Founder struggles: money, thought patterns, and more
  • 19:30 | Why founders fear failure
  • 21:47 | Why founders hire executive coaches
  • 25:50 | The founder-coach relationship
  • 28:46 | First habits to be fixed as founders
  • 32:39 | Best work time to reach max capacity
  • 35:28 | Habits to implement and ones to avoid
  • 40:16 | Balancing positive and negative motivation as a founder
  • 42:30 | Dr. Gurner's #1 Framework
  • 45:30 | How to define and measure peak success
  • 47:56 | Questions to ask yourself to know your goals
  • 52:00 | Role of AI in coaching
  • 55:30 | Maintaining consistent confidence and conviction as a founder
  • 59:15 | Setting expectations in Startups
  • 1:03:10 | RapidFire 5: From worst founder habit to the best meal and more!
  • 1:06:39 | Closing thoughts
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  • Oprah Winfrey's Stanford Business School Interview:
  • Tom House, coach to Tom Brady:
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What is The Undefeated Underdogs?

The Undefeated Underdogs is a podcast unpacking the underdog stories you never heard of!

It highlights the underdog mentality and brings authentic conversations with people who play the long game, take action with a chip on their shoulders, and convert obstacles into opportunities!

Buckle up, as I will be bringing some authentic founders, VCs, community builders, and content creators who got underestimated their whole life, and yet they beat the odds and became insanely successful!