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Shawn Baker, Chief Nutritionist at USAID, joins the PIN Podcast to talk about his career trajectory and share advice for students and young professionals in Public Health Nutrition.
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Guest: Shawn Baker,
PhD students, Kripa Rajagopalan, @Kripa_UsRaj;
Elizabeth Centeno Tablante, @CentenoTablante;
Cristina Guitron, @cris_guitron;
Masters student, Nidhi Shreshta, @nidhi__shreshta;
and Postdoc, Dr. Samantha L. Huey, @slhuey;
Cornell University's Division of Nutritional Sciences Program in International Nutrition, @Cornell_PIN!
Editing: Elena Cherchi, @elenacherchicom

What is PIN Podcast?

The Program of International Nutrition from Cornell University interviews leaders and rising stars in the field of nutrition and public health.