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‘’I’ve been listening to and playing around with music pitched at the higher end of the bpm scale. There’s so much crossover now between techno, melodic techno and high-paced prog. Often I’ll hear a pounding techno track and love the darkness and energy of it, and in wanting to create something a little different and harder, I decided to do a 130bpm mix. The opening track by Anna is already pitched at 130 and therefore makes for a perfect starter. There’s something ‘calling’ and profound in it, the gathering of the tribe. The next track by Christian Smith, Your Lovin, takes the vocal from one of my favourite old school jungle tracks by NRG (1992) and gives it a driving techno sound and it just seemed to flow from Anna’s track. Run by Space 92 is another techno track that gives me the chills with its energy. Uour is progressive house but originally pitched at 128, and serves as a reprise but holds the rhythm in its underbelly before giving space to the electronica of Atonement which has an eerie, unsettling melody that gives way to two more driving techno tracks, we’re back in that energy again. Devon is labelled as a melodic techno track and retains its character at 130 bpm or 124 bpm (like Dave Furneaux pitched it) - originally pitched at 127. The next two tracks are actually trance and again seemed to fit with the feel of the mix, if a slight detour from techno. The last track is back to techno with the mighty, ‘Believe’ by Eli Brown- spine tingling power, “You gotta believe in something, why not believe in me…” It’s a somewhat eclectic mix but rather than simply do a simple driving techno mix, I thought I’d….mix it up a bit. Enjoy the ride!’’ McMo

Show Notes

1. ANNA - Overflow (Original Mix) [Afterlife Records]
2. Christian Smith - Your Lovin' (Original Mix)[Drumcode]
3. Space 92 - Run (Original Mix) [1605]
4. ATTLAS - Uour (Original Mix)[mau5trap]
5. Inner & Key - Atonement (Original Mix) [Polyptych]
6. Carbon, Lampe - Driving Mad (Original Mix)[Alula Tunes]
7. NoNameLeft - The Second Law of Thermodynamics (Original Mix)[SubVision]
8. Oliver Schories - Devon (Oliver Huntemann Remix) [Ritter Butzke Records]
9. Rodg - Flaked (Extended Mix) [Statement!]
10. Nick Winth - Spirit (Original Mix)[Freegrant Music]
11. Eli Brown -Believe (Original Mix)[Filth on Acid]

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