The Caribbean Castaways: Travel Tips For Your Caribbean Vacation

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Bimini, Bahamas needs to be on your travel list! We absolutely love this island and we talk all about what to do and see on this small, lovable island in the stream.

Show Notes

We are super excited about today’s show, we are going to be talking about the little island in the stream, Bimini, Bahamas.

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Bimini Details:

Bimini is located about 50 miles due east of Miami and is the closest Bahamian island to the United States. Because it’s so close a lot of anglers visit Bimini because of it’s amazing fishing grounds and fun restaurants and bars.

It’s made up of two main islands, North Bimini and South Bimini. North Bimini has the majority of the restaurants, hotels, and attractions. South Bimini has the airport one small resort for boaters, which is Bimini Sands Resort & Marina, and one small neighborhood called Port Royal.

There are a few ways to get to Bimini. You can make the 50 mile crossing in a boat, just watch the weather, the Gulfstream can be moody. You can fly, there are flights from Ft. Lauderdale on Silver Airways, tickets are around $230 $240. You fly into South Bimini where the airport is and take the 5 minute water taxi over to North Bimini. You can fly via a seaplane! We did this with Tropic Ocean Airways and it was AMAZING! There is also a ferry that runs out of Ft. Lauderdale and drops you off in Bimini at the Resort, I’ll put the link to that in show notes but tickets are around $120 for a round trip.

Link for ferry.

Bimini is known for its fishing, laid back vibes and friendly people. You can get around by golf cart which we highly recommend. You can rent them at Big Game Club or there are a couple small vendors there in Alice Town, I’m sure the resort on the north side has them too.

Wildlife haven - Shark Lab is located on South Bimini, and studies baby Lemon Sharks.

Bimini is also known as a home to Ernest Hemingway. He lived on Bimini from 1935 to 1937, staying at the Compleat Angler Hotel. Sadly this old inn and bar burnt down, but you can still see the ruins today in Alice Town. He worked on To Have and Have Not and wrote a few articles, but mostly he fished aboard his boat Pilar, searching the offshore Gulfstream waters for marlin, tuna and swordfish. The island and it’s fishing inspired Hemingway to write The Old Man and the Sea and Islands in The Stream.

FUN FACT: the famous song Islands in the stream by Kenny Rogers and Dolly Pardon was inspired by Hemingway's novel with the same title. 

Bimini Bay Resort, now Resorts World Bimini by Hilton, calling it a "catastrophe" and announcing, "allowing Bimini Bay to continue with phase II would certainly strip this island paradise of its precious natural riches. 

Must Sees On Bimini
  • Dolphin House - Established in 1993 Built by Ashley Saunders. The house is a tribute to wild dolphins that Saunders was blessed enough to swim with. Another amazing thing about this house is that it’s made up of recycled material that Ashley has found throughout the island. 
  • Sea life at Bimini Big Game Club 
  • Beaches (Radio Beach)
  • The Sapona shipwreck
  • Gallant Lady Shipwreck - Cargo ship Traveling from Belize City got caught in a great storm and made it’s final destination on the shoreline of the Southern part of North Bimini. 
Must Visit Bars and Restaurants
  • Sherry’s Place (few other cool places by Sherry’s - Conch Fu Shack, 
  • Bimini Big Game Club - Bring in your catch and they will cook it. Great location over looking the marina.
  • Stuart’s Conch Stand
  • Ebbie's and Pat’s  - Baily Town, On the Water.

That’s a wrap on Bimini and episode 10! Thank you so much for listening. We love sharing the islands with you and helping you to find these great places that are off the main tourist trail.

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I’ve always been passionate about photography and writing but my passions never really had a purpose until I met Ryan. I couldn’t be happier being Ryan’s first mate and sharing my photos and stories with you. May they inspire you to go after your tropical dreams and wishes. Make a plan…Set a date…Just go!

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