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It's our 100th episode! Do we get cookies for making it this far? We will consent to cookies in this scenario.

Show Notes

Imagine a corporate privacy policy on a website that was actually comprehensible and written by and for human beings. We talk to companies who have done just this, and what it means to build a business that has respect for privacy baked in from the outset. We also talk to a researcher who's witnessed the difficulty of navigating online privacy settings.

Show Notes

Mark Asquith's website | Twitter | Instagram - 00:21, part of Rebel Base Media - 00:28

Captivate’s privacy policy - 1:25

Hana Habib's website - 2:57

GDPR -  3:16

CCPA - 3:18

The study on privacy usability that Hana and her team published (PDF) - 3:46

Kaitlin Maud on Twitter | Instagram - 6:13

Rain or Shine Recruiting - 6:14

Rain or Shine Recruiting’s privacy policy - 11:50

Ryan Jones on Twitter - 13:16

Flighty - 13:18

Flighty’s privacy policy - 17:15

“A Hosty Retreat,” our episode about switching podcast hosts over privacy concerns -23:00

"Overcast's latest beta update tells listeners which podcasts are tracking them" (The Verge) - 23:06

Full Transparency Mode - 23:23

Transistor - 29:50

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