Mawkish Twaddle with Bob N.

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Show Notes

This week’s Twaddle really is the best one ever – I’m convinced of that. It’s (almost) all new for ’22 and there's something for everyone, with stellar new tracks from Partner Look; Love, Burns; Position Normal; Starry Eyed Cadet; The Lancashire Hustlers; Sparkbird & Stephan Nance; Tampopo; The Photocopies; Savage Mansion; Kids On A Crime Spree; Massage; The Aerosols; Nah...; Jonny Swift; Aeon Station; Young Guv; Schwund; The Monochrome Set; Jonathan Richman; The Luxembourg Signal; Weak Signal; Waikiki Champions; EXEK; Artsick; The Galileo 7; Jeff Tobias; Sad Eyed Beatniks; THREX; Modern Studies; AUA; Modern Nature; Superchunk; Orange Crate Art; Green/Blue; The Reds, Pinks & Purples; Curtis Godino Presents The Midnight Wishers; The Doozer; Guided By Voices; The British Stereo Collective; Seablite; Barbara; Tomato Flower; Savak; PJ Harvey; and Matt Berry Featuring Emma Noble.

From the past: a one-song tribute to the (possibly) late R. Dean Taylor.

What is Mawkish Twaddle with Bob N.?

Mawkish Twaddle: Vexing musical purists of every stripe since 2017. It’s too twee and then it’s too abrasive. Rarely does it strike the right balance. Intrigued yet?