Ranting Rangers: A New York Rangers Podcast

In this episode Conrad Jack comes on to discuss the UFA TDL market given the sooner then expected trades, Henrique , Duclair, Lizotte, Eberle & more

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Creators & Guests

Brett A.M.
Rangers / Mets / Bills / Copywriter & Marketing Specialist / Lead singer of Quaker Gun Club / Co-Host of Ranting Rangers Podcast
Jacob Berkowitz
A NYR Fan | Host of the @RantingRangers Podcast - in Partnership w/ @inside_the_rink | Rangers mediacaster of the “Beyond the Garden” live show on the @PSF_App

What is Ranting Rangers: A New York Rangers Podcast?

We are the Ranting Rangers, a New York Rangers podcast brought to you in partnership with “Inside the Rink.” Hosted by Jacob Berkowitz and co-hosted by Brett McEachern. We focus on Rangers news, games, rumors, and more. This will be a weekly podcast, recapping and speculating as well as looking at the big picture overall. You can find our show on Twitter @RantingRangers.