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We're taking a look at the journey of commitment in couples relationships, whether it's moving in together, getting married or renewing vows. Continuing our conversation with couples therapist Michele Gruenhage, we're exploring patterns that Gottman-trained therapists are taught to flag for couples as commitment-eroding and those that strengthen the couples bond.

Show Notes

Letter from the trenches

Okay, partners in crime,

Because I cannot get enough of last week’s fabulous guest and Registered Clinical Counsellor, Michelle Gruenhage, I’ve asked her to come back to discuss dynamics new couples should be aware of and work on to set their commitment for something long-term up for success. She’s a trained Gottman therapist (if you don’t know about Gottman, he’s the guru on couples research and skills that help partners have connected, healthy relationships for the long haul), and she’s an awesome human being with a tonne of experience. I am thrilled she was willing to come back for this conversation and I truly hope you learn something new and helpful that will strengthen your relationship with your partner as you move towards increased commitment with that special someone. We’re even going to brave the conversation about what happens when affairs and big betrayals occur and what navigating that in therapy can look like. 
Welcome to part 2 of this conversation! 

If you'd like to connect with Michele and learn more about her work with couples, here's how you can reach her: Michele's profile
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Hey weary parent. Parenting is a tough gig, but we've got your back. Join child and family therapist, and mom-in-the-trenches, Karen Peters and learn about skills to support you in supporting your kids, while laughing and getting real about the crazy sticky messiness of life with kiddo's.