Mindset, Metabolism, and Movement

In today's episode, we dive into the topic of body image and its impact on our lives. I'll be sharing my personal struggles and the importance of seeking support when body image negatively impacts our life. Together, we'll explore the idea of body image as an emotion and how society's push for body positivity can put pressure on individuals to constantly love their bodies. Discover the concept of body neutrality as a way to find a happy middle ground and not let our emotions about our bodies affect our daily lives. Plus, learn about research on how our menstrual cycle affects our body image. Tune in for an open and honest conversation about body image and how we can all learn to appreciate our bodies for what they do for us.

If you need support in applying these concepts or connecting the dots to your own life, or any other questions came up while listening - feel free to send me a note: https://bit.ly/connect-with-jenna
Research from today's epiosde is based on:
Carr-Nangle RE, Johnson WG, Bergeron KC, Nangle DW. Body image changes over the menstrual cycle in normal women. Int J Eat Disord. 1994 Nov;16(3):267-73. doi: 10.1002/1098-108x(199411)16:3<267::aid-eat2260160307>3.0.co;2-y. PMID: 7833960.
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What is Mindset, Metabolism, and Movement?

Welcome to Mindset, Metabolism, and Movement - where we help you achieve a realistic (and human!) approach to health and fitness by working WITH your body, not against it.

I'm your host, Jenna Altman, and my mission is to help YOU, the active woman, find a healthy lifestyle that you can consistently show up for and make decisions that align with you and your body.

This is the podcast for you if you’ve felt overwhelmed by the contradicting advice you’ve received in the health and fitness space. You’ve struggled with confidence and all-or-nothing thinking. You’ve probably been living off of 1200-1600 calories or less because you thought that’s what you needed to lose weight. You’re looking to incorporate movement that you actually enjoy (instead of feeling obligated to do *more* cardio).

I’ve been exactly where you're at. I struggled with confidence and body image (and sometimes still do!). I tried all the quick fixes - BeachBody, Herbalife, cutting carbs, etc. I listened to diet culture and societal expectations to push myself to be as skinny as possible. I felt guilty for missing workouts or eating "bad foods."

So I spent the last 10 years crafting a healthy lifestyle that works FOR ME. I've let go of diet culture and determined my own definition of beautiful. I've learned how to work with my body, not against it.

And I'm here to give you the tools and strategies to help you do the same.

Together, we’ll explore topics related to mindset, metabolism, and movement to help you realize that health & fitness is so much more than weight loss.

Let's dive in!