Huron City Radio. Fake Station-Real Funny

Where Tom meets with a mysterious freighter on the lake. Enter the absurd world of Huron City Radio, with Tom Bobbajobski, broadcasting from The Kitten's Taint. Fake Station-Real Funny.

Show Notes

The Midnite Hour- Episode 5 -Abandoned, The Comedy Edit - Where Tom meets with a mysterious freighter on the lake.

A special comedy only edition of Huron City Radio's flagship spoof radio show, The Midnite Hour with Tom Bobbajobski!

This weeks Phone-In, The Paranormal.

"Tonight we are back to our usual format after last weeks shipwreck of a swap shop,  and the topic for tonight's call in is the paranormal, the supernatural, the other worldly.  Are there really creatures from other dimensions?  Can spirits of the departed still communicate with us, and what about aliens?- aliens that for reasons unknown choose back water America as their preferred landing place.  But in reality, are people merely misguided by their imaginations, led astray as they try to make sense of the things they can't understand? We'd LOVE to hear from you tonight- whether you believe that the metaphysical mysteries of the world actually exist, or, if you sensibly think that it's all simply the verbal diarrhea of total fucknuts. Give us a call-same number as always- 237, 51, 60, 616-13 "

Tom gives one of his Top Tips to a lucky listener, there's the Underwater Weather from Wendy Abalone, What's On in Huron City and The Grey Water Area, Tom's Poetry Pocket.

Music from Sleepology.

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*The show is rated explicit for content because Tom leaks the occasional profanity. That's all. 

What is Huron City Radio. Fake Station-Real Funny?

Enter the absurd world of Huron City Radio. Original entertainment for the ears, featuring our flagship comedy program unlike any other, The Midnite Hour, with Tom Bobbajobski. Fake Station-Real Funny.