Ohio Humans

Augmented Humanity, a podcast from our friends at New Mexico Humanities, features modern explorers working at the intersection of technology and the humanities who help us to understand ourselves and the worlds we create in this digital age. They are thinkers, creators, makers, and academics, all working in diverse fields. Augmented Humanity is produced in partnership with KUNM FM, University of New Mexico's public radio station.

This episode’s guest is Michael Running Wolf (Northern Cheyenne, Lakota and Blackfeet), who was raised in a rural prairie village in Montana with intermittent water and electricity; naturally he has a Master’s of Science in Computer Science, is a former engineer for Amazon’s Alexa, and is an instructor at Northeastern University. He was raised with a grandmother who only spoke his tribal language, Cheyenne, which like many indigenous languages is near extinction. By leveraging his advanced degree and professional engineering experience, Michael hopes to strengthen the ecology of thought represented by indigenous languages.

Listen to Augmented Humanity in full at https://nmhumanities.org/podcast or wherever you listen.

And, later this year, join us for The Ohio Country, a forthcoming series from WYSO Public Radio and funded by Ohio Humanities. Native men and women from different tribes and their allies—plus teachers, artists, scholars, parents, landowners, foresters, young people, and historians, too—will tell their stories about the about the lands above the Ohio River, known as the Ohio Country. You can listen to the trailer now in this feed, at WYSO.org, ohiohumanities.org, and in all those other places where you get podcasts.

What is Ohio Humans?

A podcast that shares stories to spark conversations and inspire ideas.