the WoW - the World of Work!

There is a lot of noise around coaching! But is there just as much understanding as there is noise around what coaching is and what it isn't? Who is it for? How much should it cost? What are the benefits of coaching? And how do you know whether the coach you are working with is qualified to help you achieve your goals?
Together with Chiara Covone, we unpack some of the myths around coaching in this LIVE Episode of the World of Work Podcast, the WoW, where we were joined by BA coaches and participants who pitched in with their questions and comments!
Chiara Covone is an executive coach with 20+ years of corporate experience in multinational giants, like Philip Morris and Mondelez, where she pursued her career in Marketing, Innovation and Design until she decided to embrace full on her passion for coaching.
Tune in to Part 1!

What is the WoW - the World of Work!?

We have entered a new era that is transforming all aspects of our lives and work is no exception! It is in these moments of great transformation that we must think differently when we talk about work and move away from the notion that work equals job, equals employment.
It is more than that! It defines who we are, what we do, how much money we make, how we live, who we know, how we feel, what we learn, even where we live, the people we hang around with. It can bring status, fulfilment, achievement as well as frustration, burn-out, disenchantment. When we stop seeing work as simply employment and look at it as a world of opportunities where we can put our talents to work in areas we are passionate about, the perspective changes!
This is what this podcast is all about. Exploring the world of work from different perspectives with guest speakers who share their stories, and views on how their world of work has changed and what we can expect to see in the future. It is bringing to the table different disciplines and professions with the mission to bring the concept of work closer to people and people closer to work with a WOW!
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